SkyTec’s complete software defined radio control and messaging gateway allow the users to send and receive emails, text, SMS, or Twitter messages over the cloud from any registered handheld device/computer to the land mobile radios (LMR) and back. Moreover, virtualized applications or web-based modules within the software platform can be installed on your device(s), enabling the users to run-operate a radio dispatch console and computer aided dispatch software with the hardware freedom that only web-based applications provides.

The web-based radio dispatch console application includes all the regulatory features and operation controls of those hardware oriented systems, eliminating points of failure by avoiding costly system’s peripherals.

Integrating a computer aided dispatch software in your communication center has never been easier and interactive friendly as with SkyCall CAD module. Having all SkyCall modules in place and interoperating, will allow the users full control of the communication (voice & data), radio dispatch console functions, and event/case logging for a timely field response/action as per the required agency standard operating procedures.