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Now, more than ever, accurate and timely communication is paramount for ensuring the recovery and further development of the economy, as well as for guaranteeing cost-efficiency and providing security for assets and people.

Skytec, Inc. is a Puerto Rico telecommunications company based in Cataño, Puerto Rico.

Since 1999 Skytec, Inc. has been offering the most technologically advanced tools to guarantee cost-effective operations and ensure quick and efficient response to emergencies by consolidating the control of all communications assets, including all essential dispatch assets. The company has over 50 dedicated employees, many of them with many years of experience in the communications field, including engineers and certified radio and electronics technicians, who work together in the design, development and integration of specialized wireless communications systems. Thanks to our strategic alliances with reputable international suppliers we are able to bring you integrated, affordable and dependable user-friendly solutions to all your communications needs, guaranteeing the best equipment, performance and service. Our company serves the private sector as well as the public and government, including Public Safety and first response agencies. Skytec has become one of the foremost suppliers of federally funded communications and AVL products to the Puerto Rico State Government and its municipalities. The company provides all the systems and radio consoles needed to comply with requirements of the US Homeland Security Department for interoperability, so that all government dependencies which deal with security, law enforcement and terrorist emergency situations are able to communicate effectively.