• STEMI      
    Medical device tracking/inventory


  • ETA   
    System procedure assistance
  • Voice & Data Interoperability.
  • Realtime voice & data multimedia.
  • EPCR Electronic patient Care.
  • Record GPS positioning.


  • Send and receive emails, text, SMS, or Twitter messages over the cloud.
  • Real time GPS output data from registered devices.
  • Full operational two-way radio functionality with any vendor protocol.
    Interaction with designated pc/mobile devices on your network.


  • Customized tracking system configuration according to client’s needs.
  • Reduces emergency/service response time.
  • Real time information update as often as every 2 seconds.
  • Configuration of automatic alarms/alerts in the computer and the cell phone (over speed, Geo-Fence trespassing, license renewal, etc.).


  • SkyCall and SkyTrackers integration for a complete Emergency management application.
  • Faster dispatch  for improved ETA performance and response times.
  • Integrated reports an graphics for real time data analysis.
  • Efficiently allocate resources and better inform first responders.