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With more than 20 years of experience, we specialize in creating unique solutions for our customers, providing them with the products and services they need.

Welcome to our website! Now, more than ever, accurate and timely communication is paramount for ensuring the recovery and further development of the economy, as well as for guaranteeing cost-efficiency and providing security for assets and people.

Skytec, Inc. is a Puerto Rico telecommunications company based in Cataño, Puerto Rico. Since 1999 Skytec, Inc. has been offering the most technologically advanced tools to guarantee cost-effective operations and ensure quick and efficient response to emergencies by consolidating the control of all communications assets, including all essential dispatch assets. The company has over 50 dedicated employees, many of them with many years of experience in the communications field, including engineers and certified radio and electronics technicians, who work together in the design, development and integration of specialized wireless communications systems. Thanks to our strategic alliances with reputable international suppliers we are able to bring you integrated, affordable and dependable user-friendly solutions to all your communications needs, guaranteeing the best equipment, performance and service. Our company serves the private sector as well as the public and government, including Public Safety and first response agencies. Skytec has become one of the foremost suppliers of federally funded communications and AVL products to the Puerto Rico State Government and its municipalities, by providing all the systems and radio  consoles needed to comply with requirements of the US Homeland Security Department for interoperability, so that all government dependencies which deal with security, law enforcement and terrorist emergency situations are able to communicate effectively.

Whether you are in the private industry sector or in the government sector, Skytec can offer you customized high-tech solutions that include GPS Automated Vehicle Location, Radio Communication, Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management, Wireless Video Surveillance, Satellite Communications, Wireless Data Transport, and many other customized solutions and services.

We encourage you to explore our website and see for yourself the array of possibilities we have available to enhance your communication structure. If you have any questions or would like to coordinate a visit or a demonstration, feel free to contact us at your convenience. You can rest assured that Skytec’s personnel will work with you to provide a comprehensive tailored solution that meets all your communications needs.

Our offerings:

Radio Communications
Skytec has a wide range of product offerings for two-way radio communication, with authorized and/or exclusive dealership from reputable brands such as Kenwood, Codan, and Telex, among other. We also offer several proprietary products to leverage the powerful flexibility provided by some of the products that we represent.
Microwave Communications
Skytec’s experience in wireless network systems also comprehends the design and implementation of Licensed Microwave Radios.  As part of voice and data backhauling, licensed microwave systems have become fundamental from a cost-effectiveness and fast deployment standpoint. As exclusive dealers of Aviat Networks, Skytec’s expert personnel carry out large scale microwave network implementation projects from their initial phase to completion.
Satellite & Mobile Broadband Communications
Besides offering streamlined and reliable satellite telephones, which are a very important part of mobile communications due to their versatility and dependable capacity to handle any environment, the company also offers Satellite Internet. This is Internet access provided through communications satellites, rather than DSL, wireless or cable service. Skytec’s offerings in this field is up to date with the dramatic advances in satellite technology, in addition to the latest ground equipment to benefit from higher levels of integration and increasing processing power, expanding both capacity and performance boundaries.
Integrated Security
As system integration specialists, at Skytec we offer you a wide range of products and services in customized solutions to provide you the security tools you need for your communications/cell site, office, building, company premises, etc. We serve both the private and government sectors helping enhance the value of their operations and also maximize the return on their security system investment. We partner with some of the more innovative and respected manufacturers in the industry and we train and certify our personnel in a full array of their traditional and advanced products, backing our work with comprehensive warranties and a continuous technical support.
24/7 Customer Support

Skytec’s Installations and Service departments fully comply with the industry’s strictest installation and safety standards for all equipment and products sold, installed and maintained by the company. Our Customer Service Dept. interacts directly with clients to coordinate service appointments and guarantee client satisfaction at all times.  If you ever need help, we’ll be there for you 24/7. Call the office during working hours, visit our Helpdesk web based platform or call our Customer Emergency Line after work hours. We will identify the best resource to help you meet your needs.

Automatic Vehicle Location
We offer GPS positioning in a real time interaction through our web based platform and our mobile (IOS & Android) apps. Skytec, Inc. is currently the only AVL provider in Puerto Rico that offers real time reporting as exact as every 2 seconds. With over 20 years in the market,  Skytec is the pioneer in AVL systems in Puerto Rico. Its proprietary technology in this field can be integrated with other security applications to create a comprehensive communication structure.
Computer Aided Dispatch
From installation and programming to personnel training and operation logistics, we offer NINA and NEMSIS certified Computer Aided Dispatch systems for 9-1-1, EMS, Fire, Police and Emergency Management agencies. Having installed this system throughout all the municipalities of Puerto Rico, we pride ourselves in the excellent results obtained, especially in having contributed to a substantial reduction in emergency response time.
Tower Services
Skytec offers site construction, tower structural reinforcement and modification, cell tower equipment installation and site maintenance services. Our technical personnel is highly specialized and certified to overcome the most challenging environmental and unusual height working conditions.
Personal Safety Equipment
Skytec represents reputable brands such as Petzl and Elk River, whose products undergo numerous tests and inspections in the lab, in the field and on the production line to ensure optimal usage, with maximum safety for the user. Whatever your personal protection equipment needs, you can rest assured that Skytec has the solution with numerous alternatives in products and accessories to guarantee you stay safe at all times.
Training & Certification
We offer our customers individual and collective training for our products in a focused, specialized environment. Skytec hosts training sessions all year long for our CAD, AVL and Radio Communication customers. Besides, our tower personnel is offered Comtrain Certifications. Skytec’s communications personnel is constantly being trained and certified by the companies which products we represent.  Thus, we guarantee our clients that we will offer them the best technical support.
Featured Products
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